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Your Restaurant on the Web – it works.

Often times when I’m speaking with business owners, the following question looms: “Who is actually going to find us online? It’s such a huge place — how can any single small business get noticed?”

My first client when I started idDuluth was Big Daddy’s Burgers in the Piedmont neighborhood of Duluth, MN. It doesn’t exactly have a huge neon street sign, and isn’t on the most trafficked street in Duluth. What it does have is a lot of personality, and excellent food. If only people knew what they were missing out on, this business could explode…

And it did.

idDuluth has been working closely with Big Daddy’s Burgers to create unique campaigns to draw awareness to their restaurant on Facebook and several restaurant review sites. Their Facebook page has more than 800 fans in only a few months of existence  and is constantly growing. We added table toppers that offer customers easy access to talk about their experience — and people are talking.

Last week, we received this email:

Our family went to Duluth for a vacation not long ago. One night we searched online for great places to eat in the area and Big Daddy’s came up with rave reviews. What an outstanding dinner!

When we first pulled up I was a little skeptical… typical “hole in the wall”.

Anyway…. I had a bacon burger (I can’t have cheese), wife had the cream cheese burger, and kids had cheese burgers. We all loved the food! Even with out cheese mine was excellent. Had a big batch of fries and they were great too. Other things that stood out to me was the honey mustard and pickles. Honey mustard is very hit or miss but this was great; not too “mustardy”. Pickles were very fresh tasting, crisp, salty, and sweet.

Service was great too! We were like their last customers for the night which can sometimes mean you get what’s left and the service is rushed. They were nothing like this. Waitress was all smiles, very attentive, and prompt. Chef was happy and made everything fresh. Nobody was “waiting for us to leave so they can close”.

What a great place to eat… you HAVE to stop by if you are in the area!

~Penny Sue

In a way, it catches you off guard. The internet is such a HUGE place. How do people find this stuff? It’s pretty simple actually. Search engines like Google, and review websites like Yelp, and Trip Advisor are connecting people to local businesses of interest all the time. You say, “Cheeseburgers, Duluth, MN” and web services will point you on your way. After reading that, aren’t you curious about this place too?

You already know that word of mouth advertising is the most effective method of advertising. People trust their peers infinitely more than they trust any single brand touting their own product. Isn’t it nice to have your customers doing your advertising for you?

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