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What makes your business so special?

If someone asks “Why should I do business with you?” Immediately you would answer by stating what sets your business apart from others. You realize if more people give the same answer, your business will grow. We at idDuluth will help you maintain and grow customer loyalty, encouraging them to share your identity with their network of friends and family.

The most effective advertising has always been word of mouth. Today, social media is the fastest, most effective way for your business to “go viral.” Never since the invention of the telephone has there been a more revolutionary communication tool to share messages with friends and family. Done correctly, social media has the potential to rapidly expand your business and create a customer base you never imagined possible.

At idDuluth our primary focus is to study your identity, to thoroughly know your business allowing us to manage your social media message in a creative, effective and efficient way. Traditional graphic design services are also provided by idDuluth. Everything from sales fliers, business cards, brochures, post card mailers, print advertising and billboards, we can design and print effective advertising that will produce results. In addition to Social Media and print design, idDuluth provides marketing services including web content design and corporate media communications. Our sales and marketing manager is an experienced writer and copy editor who will communicate your identity in a unique style that fits your id. I look forward to showing your id to the world!

Jerry Thoreson

President, CEO,

Image Design Duluth


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