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creating and sustaining your

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social media design

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i-den-ti-ty, noun.
having unique identifying characteristics held by no other.

idDuluth provides complete social media services:

Using idDuluth, Big Daddy’s Burgers had over 350 fans and his best month ever in his 11 years in just the 2nd month of his social media initiative. Another few months in, and there are more than 700 people publicly attesting to their appreciation of Big Daddy’s Burgers, and the number continues to rise.

idDuluth will help your business grow using the most powerful media for showing your identity. There are 800 million active Facebook users on the planet. We truly can “show your id to the world!”

  • Extensive consultation and research to target your social media audience
  • Complete design of your pages including photos and business profile
  • Design and printing of all
    • posters
    • fliers
    • coupons
    • other promotional material
    • ALL INCLUDED with the initial set up.
  • Continually managing and updating status and tweets
  • Create an interactive experience for your fan base
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