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Lighthouse at Emily’s is now leveraging social media!

Lighthouse at Emily's

I wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on Lighthouse at Emily’s, the most recent business to get an idDuluth Makeover! Over the past month, we have worked together with the owners to create a new, effective marketing strategy, leveraging the social power of Facebook, Twitter, and various restaurant review sites. After a full website overhaul and menu redesign, and most importantly, intense management of social media, their business, 20 minutes north of Duluth, is now more visible than ever!

First up we needed to address their website. The biggest problem they were facing is that the site was set up using images to convey text, as it can at times look nicer. The problem? Search engines don’t read text in images. The only words search engines saw on their old page had nothing to do with their business– in fact, it was actually links to other businesses in their area!

We started from scratch and set them up on a WordPress platform. We use WordPress because it provides an exceptionally easy platform to hand the site back to the business owner’s control, allowing them to easily update their content whenever they wish, without having to know a bunch of fancy-pants web coding and design. We also loaded their entire menu to the site, and set up easy ways to add daily specials, and promote nightly events, like their Monday Music. It has been a big success with the folks at Lighthouse. Another thing they were lacking was a professional email account. Their previous address had been provided to them by their internet service provider. If you are a business, you provide significantly more credibility by having a “” email address, such as Plus, it feels pretty cool to show off your business like that, and looks great on a business card.

We also incorporated Jerry’s fantastic graphic design talent to create new, fresh, menus that help convey the restaurant’s overall feel, and appeal to the fun nautical environment they “harbor” (Yep, I just did that). The menus are well organized, easy to read, and most importantly, show off Lighthouse at Emily’s spirit. Jerry also created new business cards and table toppers.

The most visible change however, has been the constant activity found on their Facebook page. Facebook allows us to directly interact with people and provide the top-of-mind awareness that every single business needs. How many times have you been reminded of a restaurant and thought, “Yep, let’s go there!” We are able to remind their more than 800 followers how delicious the Chocolate Fudge Pecan Torte looks.

Lighthouse at Emily’s has a rich history in their fishing community to accommodate their fabulous food, so creating a solid marketing theme seemed very straight forward, and we have enjoyed working with our newest partner to provide them the marketing services their business deserves.

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