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Go from 0 to 25,000 Likes in 250 Days.

by Jerry Thoreson – Facebook administrator, Destination Duluth

In May of 2013, idDuluth was brought on board for a project for Duluth, Minnesota called Destination Duluth. I started and continue to be the sole administrator of their facebook page,

Destination Duluth is a minimally funded non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Duluth as a Destination for Life. A few days after our launch on May 23, 2013, we knew we had the potential for explosive organic growth.

People are asking,  how have we done it? Here are

10 Keys to Destination Duluth’s Facebook growing from 0 to 25,000 in 250 days.

I will blog about these 10 in bite size blogs (1 or 2 at a time).

In preface, all involved in the project will attest to the fact that we have been blessed by being in the right place at the right time with the right message and the right people.

The coolest thing about Destination Duluth is we are helping bring people to move to Duluth, Minnesota! We are re planting seeds showing that Duluth MN is an awesome place to live. We have already helped several families in their process of making Duluth their Destination for Life.

The story is remarkable. I’m going to share how Facebook has been Mainstreet in our efforts. In doing so, I would like to share how we got started and our philosophy and approach.  Destination Duluth started their Facebook page first. No website, no other social media. No other marketing. Nothing but Facebook.

How Destination Duluth went from 0 to 25,000 Facebook Likes in 250 days

1. Be remarkable – This is an absolute necessity for any facebook page. Ask yourself, is the post something that would grab your attention? Would you like it? Would you comment on it? Would you want to share it?

For Destination Duluth we want to showcase Duluth in the best possible light. Our goal for nearly every post is our desire to evoke an emotional response. And that emotional response is “That’s why I love Duluth!” Someone stated that the only way we will stand out is by being outstanding. It’s an overused catch phrase, but the more crowded FB becomes, the more that “Content is King”

2 . Remarkable content comes from research. I cringe when people dismiss Facebook as just being about pretty pictures, cats, dogs and bacon.

Destination Duluth’s Facebook launch was 2 years in the making. Branden Robinson, manager of South Pier Inn registered the domain back in 2011. And in reality, it started being his dream when he was in college at Cornell University studying hospitality management, with a particular interest in destination marketing. He joined forces with Tom Livingston and Christopher Swanson, and it was 2 years in the making before they brought me on board to be the Facebook administrator.

to be continued…

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