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Go from 0 to 25,000 Likes in 250 Days.

by Jerry Thoreson – Facebook administrator, Destination Duluth

In May of 2013, idDuluth was brought on board for a project for Duluth, Minnesota called Destination Duluth. I started and continue to be the sole administrator of their facebook page,

Destination Duluth is a minimally funded non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Duluth as a Destination for Life. A few days after our launch on May 23, 2013, we knew we had the potential for explosive organic growth.

People are asking,  how have we done it? Here are

10 Keys to Destination Duluth’s Facebook growing from 0 to 25,000 in 250 days.

I will blog about these 10 in bite size blogs (1 or 2 at a time).

In preface, all involved in the project will attest to the fact that we have been blessed by being in the right place at the right time with the right message and the right people.

The coolest thing about Destination Duluth is we are helping bring people to move to Duluth, Minnesota! We are re planting seeds showing that Duluth MN is an awesome place to live. We have already helped several families in their process of making Duluth their Destination for Life.

The story is remarkable. I’m going to share how Facebook has been Mainstreet in our efforts. In doing so, I would like to share how we got started and our philosophy and approach.  Destination Duluth started their Facebook page first. No website, no other social media. No other marketing. Nothing but Facebook.

How Destination Duluth went from 0 to 25,000 Facebook Likes in 250 days

1. Be remarkable – This is an absolute necessity for any facebook page. Ask yourself, is the post something that would grab your attention? Would you like it? Would you comment on it? Would you want to share it?

For Destination Duluth we want to showcase Duluth in the best possible light. Our goal for nearly every post is our desire to evoke an emotional response. And that emotional response is “That’s why I love Duluth!” Someone stated that the only way we will stand out is by being outstanding. It’s an overused catch phrase, but the more crowded FB becomes, the more that “Content is King”

2 . Remarkable content comes from research. I cringe when people dismiss Facebook as just being about pretty pictures, cats, dogs and bacon.

Destination Duluth’s Facebook launch was 2 years in the making. Branden Robinson, manager of South Pier Inn registered the domain back in 2011. And in reality, it started being his dream when he was in college at Cornell University studying hospitality management, with a particular interest in destination marketing. He joined forces with Tom Livingston and Christopher Swanson, and it was 2 years in the making before they brought me on board to be the Facebook administrator.

to be continued…


Congratulations, Cape Superior Inn

idDuluth has just finished successfully launching the new website for Cape Superior Inn. Our goals were to provide a platform where Cape Superior Inn could easily manage their appearance and special promotions, and give potential customers a sense of what they can expect when the endeavor on their next North Shore adventure.

A fresh look on the website came with a nice boost to SEO as well. A common problem people face when building a website, is that search engines do not have the ability to recognize text if it is an image. This can make it difficult to create a nicely presented website and still benefit from organize search results (you know, the free stuff!). This is one of the reasons WordPress has become such a popular platform over the years: It allows you to deploy a good looking website, and encourages you to post updates to your website about your business, which in the long haul, will greatly improve your search engine optimization. The more the search engines know about your business, the better it can match potential clients. Cape Superior Inn will be posting about upcoming events, room promotions, and their Cape Superior Bottle Shop specials, such as their current discounts when buying multiple bottles of wine.

Congratulations again to Cape Superior Inn on your new look!


Social Media Contests create BUZZ!

As you may have seen, we recently helped wrap up a Fall Photo contest. The concept came about when planning a discussion on using images to enhance your social media presence. The turn of the Fall colors provided an excellent opportunity to create a contest based on the idea that most of us have our mobile devices with us each day, and it’s very easy to create eye catching images to drive your social media campaign.

Patrick Garmoe wrote up an excellent post detailing everything that made the contest wildly successful — you can check it out here.


Fall Mobile Photo Contest

As part of the upcoming Social Media Breakfast event, idDuluth and Verizon Wireless are sponsoring a photo contest on Facebook, using photos taken from your mobile device!

You can find out information and submit an entry here, on Facebook!

Submit your entry through October 7, 2012!

The winner will receive a 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 from Verizon!


Social Media Breakfast: How To Use Photography To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Photography can make or break your social media marketing effort. What’s the most recent thing you remember on Facebook — Did it have an image? I’m guessing yes. This month, Social Media Breakfast Twin Ports presents a panel of experts ready to help provide you with a better understanding of how to take great pictures on phones and tablets, and then strategies around what pictures work best in marketing.

idDuluth is proud to support a quick morning conference that will help you do this too.

Go here for more information, and to register!


Social Media Breakfast: How To Use Photography To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Friday, September 14, 2012
7:30 AM to 9:00 AM
Duluth, MN

Your Restaurant on the Web – it works.

Often times when I’m speaking with business owners, the following question looms: “Who is actually going to find us online? It’s such a huge place — how can any single small business get noticed?”

My first client when I started idDuluth was Big Daddy’s Burgers in the Piedmont neighborhood of Duluth, MN. It doesn’t exactly have a huge neon street sign, and isn’t on the most trafficked street in Duluth. What it does have is a lot of personality, and excellent food. If only people knew what they were missing out on, this business could explode…

And it did.

idDuluth has been working closely with Big Daddy’s Burgers to create unique campaigns to draw awareness to their restaurant on Facebook and several restaurant review sites. Their Facebook page has more than 800 fans in only a few months of existence  and is constantly growing. We added table toppers that offer customers easy access to talk about their experience — and people are talking. Read more…


Lighthouse at Emily’s is now leveraging social media!

Lighthouse at Emily's

I wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on Lighthouse at Emily’s, the most recent business to get an idDuluth Makeover! Over the past month, we have worked together with the owners to create a new, effective marketing strategy, leveraging the social power of Facebook, Twitter, and various restaurant review sites. After a full website overhaul and menu redesign, and most importantly, intense management of social media, their business, 20 minutes north of Duluth, is now more visible than ever! Read more…


What makes your business so special?

If someone asks “Why should I do business with you?” Immediately you would answer by stating what sets your business apart from others. You realize if more people give the same answer, your business will grow. We at idDuluth will help you maintain and grow customer loyalty, encouraging them to share your identity with their network of friends and family.

The most effective advertising has always been word of mouth. Today, social media is the fastest, most effective way for your business to “go viral.” Never since the invention of the telephone has there been a more revolutionary communication tool to share messages with friends and family. Done correctly, social media has the potential to rapidly expand your business and create a customer base you never imagined possible.

At idDuluth our primary focus is to study your identity, to thoroughly know your business allowing us to manage your social media message in a creative, effective and efficient way. Traditional graphic design services are also provided by idDuluth. Everything from sales fliers, business cards, brochures, post card mailers, print advertising and billboards, we can design and print effective advertising that will produce results. In addition to Social Media and print design, idDuluth provides marketing services including web content design and corporate media communications. Our sales and marketing manager is an experienced writer and copy editor who will communicate your identity in a unique style that fits your id. I look forward to showing your id to the world!

Jerry Thoreson

President, CEO,

Image Design Duluth


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